About Us

[ "Universal  Savior" ]

Thank you kindly Dear readers for visiting our new One of  a kind spiritual internet site. We are the Spiritual Israelite denomination, the world's first born spiritual denomination, established by Our Universal Creator and Savior YHWH. (YAHWEH)

This vitally important  spiritually information is to help mankind in all nations, to acknowledge YHWH for who he is, and to give him all the glory, honors, and praises that is due to him alone. Because of man-made religious  traditions, much of mankind in all nations lives in darkness unknowlinly, Many people do not acknowledge YHWH for who he is, because his righteous Holy ways are not being talked about; take for example the weekly blessed holy sabbath, of which is commanded by YHWH to be observe on the seventh day of the week, but instead, some of mankind decided to change YHWH's Commanded seventh day sabbath to sunday, the first day of the week.

This Spiritual information is not intended to offend anyone, but instead  it will help mankind earn salvation with YHWH in his coming future kingdom. The spiritual information on our site is sure to bring blessings in the lives of all those who believe. YHWH's powers are beyond imagination, his powers  can bring many blessings or many disasters. YHWH wants all of mankind to have a One on One Personal relationship with him Alone, because truly, YHWH Alone is the only Divine Being upon whom the entire universe can be dependent upon, and to whom all mankind Owe their service to.

Please feel free to email me at universal88@soulsalvation.us  if you have any questions. May the blessings of YHWH be upon you and all your love ones dear readers.